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Master Pirouettes From The Bottom Up So You Can Go From Back Of Class To Center Stage

Do You Know What All Directors And Choreographers Ask For At Every Audition?

For You To Perform A Pirouette

I’ve been to dozens of auditions.

Professional auditions…

Amateur auditions…

“I need this part” auditions…

And “just for fun” auditions…

The only thing that Every. Single. Audition. had in common was that I was ALWAYS asked to perform a pirouette.

Sometimes it was just 1 or 2 turns… sometimes it was 5 or more turns.

And I quickly noticed the dancers who were strong in their turns consistently got the parts they wanted…

While dancers who couldn’t perform the turns flawlessly were almost always let go.

This is why I spent hundreds of hours practicing turning outside my classes trying to gain an edge that I could use to land a part in my next audition.

But what I didn’t know as a young dancer was that strong turns come from more than just “good technique”.

Strong turns come from strategically training the muscles in our ankles, knees, hips, core, and even neck that are consistently ignored in 99% of dance classes.

That’s why I built The 5 Day Turn Course.

Over our next 5 days together, you wil receive videos teaching you...

  • The mechanics of good rotation
  • Little known and rarely practiced exercises to strengthen your “turning muscles”
  • How to avoid injury while turning
  • And how to build a lasting foundation to be a powerful dancer for years to come

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